earl boone & friends

These are songs by Earl Boone and his friends, including Abbey Fed, and Zumar and Nuna from The Star Studlies.

Earl Boone:
Pat Me On The Back
Bury Me in Bumble Bees
Come On Baby
I Must Move On
Everybody Over 70 Get Into the Lake
A Lostful Loving Homey
Steaky Peak
You Are a Boob

Abbey Fed:
I Was a Baby
My Momma's a Lady
You Brought Me Out of the Woods
The Book of Life

and His Friends:
Blam! You're Here
Come Over Here!
Take Me Out
Die, Holy Donuts
Glory of the Beanstalk
Mr. Rueger

Theatrical Tickles:
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Joe, Don't Jump (Warning: Weird and Scary)
Let's Go to Lake

Most of these songs are totally improvised. Earl Boone's songs are generally made by Tom sitting at his computer and typing Boone's lyrics as he plays and sings. Earl improvises the melody, while Tom improvises the lyrics. Earl's friends just make it up as they go, with light on their side.

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